Sports and Recreation Plans

Support & Development for Sports Club

The state and local government are working together to make each and every region accessible for all types of sports and clubs. There is a community which helps young entrepreneurs to start up their sports club without any difficulty. There is a team of consultants who will assist you to better understand the rules, regulations and rights of your sport.

Join a sport or recreation club

Are you looking for a fully-featured sport or recreation club in your city or suburb? There are plenty of ways to get involved with a sports club. You can ask your local YMCA about the sports activities you want to participate or simply contact the state sport or recreation organisation that looks after the sports and recreation department.

Sports Planning Tool

A mapping platform that collects data in conjunction with State Level Organisations that has been mapped and analysed with the use of a geographic information system (GIS). The tools let SLOs, Clubs and Councils plan and analyse their current and future infrastructure needs by understanding local and regional trends. It is used to increase the percentage of participation and provide sports facilities in each and every city and suburb of Queensland.

State Sporting Organisations

The primary goal of the Queensland government is to create a policy to help the development of the sport and recreation industry. The dedicated state sporting organisations are responsible for coordinating and assisting with the provision of high-end infrastructure for the sport and recreation industry. The local government also plays a crucial role in creating sports opportunities and local facilities for Queenslanders.

Concessions and Support Services

No matter where you live in Queensland, there is a facility for every senior and pensioner cardholders who want to get involved in any sports activities. They may be eligible for a concession at Queensland’s sports centres. You can even contact the sports centre to know more about the concessions. Make sure to have a senior card to avail concessions.

High-Class Sports Facilities in your Town or Suburb

There are numerous major sport and leisure venues in Queensland. These venues can organise national and international sports events, entertainment concerts and recreational programs. Some of the renowned venues including Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Queensland Tennis Centre, The Gabba, 1300 SMILES Stadium, Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre, The Sleeman Sports Complex, Metricon Stadium, Suncorp Stadium etc.