Infrastructure Plans & Policies

Infrastructural Growth Plans in Queensland

The Queensland government is leading the development of infrastructure growth plans and policies to make each and every region of Queensland a better place to live.  New roads and highways projects have been in the pipeline to deliver a coordinated and innovative approach to the infrastructure sector. Whether you live in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Townsville, the government keeps on delivering innovative infrastructure projects, which will, in turn, generate job opportunities and economic growth.

Building Our Regions

From North Queensland to Central QLD, South West to Western Queensland, the state and local government is continuously leveraging the new-age technologies to deliver the best connectivity system to all regions in Queensland. Building our Regions is a $445 million targeted regional infrastructure program to build roads, bridges, highways, railways, etc. The program offers funding for high-end infrastructure projects to meet the needs of local communities. It will also support economic development by generating job opportunities in regional areas of the QLD.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Working in a systematic manner is what every government wants, and when it comes to the development of the infrastructure sector, then BIM is one of the best ways of adopting a new approach. BIM will provide certainty and consistency to industry for its future-driven investment and training decisions. The principles and thorough work plan are needed to create a comprehensive framework to meet the targeted objectives of implementing BIM on crucial government infrastructure projects by the end of 2023. The information is generated for each government project will boost the design, management, construction and operation of each asset with perfection.

Connecting Brisbane: One of the biggest infrastructure projects in Queensland

Released back on 6th June 2017, Connecting Brisbane is one of the biggest roadmaps for the future of public transport system. The project is expected to witness Brisbane’s transformation into a well-connected and vibrant city via high-frequency and new-age mass transit system. The objective of this project is to provide high-frequency public transport trunk service along with feeder services to promote the Cross River Rail and Brisbane Metro Projects. This would be a major infrastructural transformation which will provide smooth connectivity to the major suburbs of Brisbane as well.

The plan of Connect Brisbane project is consistent with the federal government’s Smart Cities Plan which emphasises on improving the condition of cities and providing productive outcomes to attract new talent, create jobs, embrace growth and bring innovation.

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