Royalties for the Regions

The program provided support for the high-end infrastructure projects that fulfilled the identified local needs. Though the program has closed now, the government is still working on an infrastructure project funded under this program.

Four Infrastructure initiatives

There are total four focuses infrastructure initiatives make up the million dollars Building our Regions program, including Regional Capital Fund, Remote Communities Infrastructure fund and Transport and infrastructure development scheme.

Remote Area Boards (RABs)

This particular program undertakes different development activities in remote regions of Queensland. The main objective is to merge critical economic development stakeholders to offer a single voice an array of strategic issues.

Funded Projects Generated Job Opportunities

The popular Building our Regions program has invested around $225 million on 174 projects, which in turn, generated hundreds of jobs and attracted many investors. Funded projects have generated an impeccable rate of job opportunities within Queensland.

Advancing our cities & regions strategy

Delivering unmatched economic and community development results is the sole purpose of this strategy. A well-developed and economic-driven city or region can easily create jobs and generate higher GRP. These developments are expected to meet unlimited government priorities.

Aldoga Renewable Energy Project

This project is aimed at renewing and repurposing the underutilised state land to generate lucrative job opportunities and drive economic growth. The project is expected to contribute significantly to the state’s government target of achieving around 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

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