Who We Are

Our mission is to discuss regional issues across municipalities, interest groups and local residents of Queensland and let them know everything about their city or society.

We, at G21 Regional Growth Plan, are committed to providing the most authentic, genuine and well-researched information about the regional growth plans in Queensland. Our motive is to improve the lives of residents and work for the betterment of society.

Our community takes pride in providing reliable solutions and accurate information about the running or upcoming regional growth pans in Queensland. Our purpose is to let people know about their city and suburb and contribute their share in making it a better place to live. We have a team of over 100 community leaders and specialists who are devoted to the future of the different regions of Queensland. There is also a team of passionate volunteers who work hard to collect accurate statistics about the development projects of the state and its regions. Under the leadership of Patrick Thompson, G21 Regional Grown Plan Community has established a renowned name in the market. Being one of the trusted communities, we endeavour to provide you with the precise information, and we always stand by our vision, principles and commitment, and that’s what we love to do.




What We Do

The purpose of our community is to understand the QLD region’s specific needs and priorities. We strive to identify the state’s interests in land use planning for the different areas of Queensland.

Enlighten key Opportunities

Our team work immensely hard to enable key opportunities for economic growth to certify that our regions are prosperous and resilient.

Our Safety Programs

We possess a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who are always ready to safeguard the areas needed for the growth of towns.

Bring Awareness

Our motive is to make people aware of their cities economic and infrastructure development projects so that they can live a better life.

Our Idealistic Approach

We aim at driving the region’s economic diversity and also identify multiple infrastructure outcomes to support economic growth

Our Events

We organise consultation programs and events to address the upcoming regional growth plans introduced by local and state government.

Embrace Government’s Policies

Our community understands the importance of economic and infrastructure developments, and thus we recognise and honour the plans and policies of local government.

Meet Our Team

Our team of experts, researchers and volunteers are working together to cater to the existing society by presenting genuine information about the Regional Growth Plans in Queensland. Have a look at our devoted team members:

Lucas Jones


Scarlett Brown


Charlie Martin


Archer Nguyen


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