Environment Development Plans

Our Seminars

We organise seminars to protect our environment while balancing regional communities. Our objective is to achieve high-quality stated emission targets using renewable resources and promoting sustainable land use. The state and local governments are working with the sole aim to protect our coasts, biodiversity, bays and estuaries.

Planning & Guidelines

Environment guidelines allow administering authorities such as the local government and environmental department to implement the Environmental Protection Act 1994 to protect the environment, water and land.

Regional Biodiversity Networking Mapping

Regional Biodiversity network maps display areas of ecological value that need to be maintained and where fragmentation, degradation and incremental habitat loss should be avoided. These are included in the regional growth plans of Queensland. The government is also working on existing plans to manage and invest money in environmental rehabilitation and restoration activities.

Flinders Karawatha Corridor

The state government is working with local government and the community to maintain and enhance the rural and environmental amenity of the Flinders Karawatha Corridor. The strategy is created to support environmental action and preserve cultural heritage values.

Environmental Offsets Framework

This plan aims to make sure that Queensland’s biodiversity-rich natural environment is safe and protected through a high-class and innovative approach to offset delivery. The government and recognised communities will also undertake targeted consultation with community, business, industry and local government to analyse the condition on a regular basis.

Protecting the Great Barrier Reef

Many measures have been taken by the government of Queensland to protect the Great Barrier Reef. Scientists, industry leaders and community groups are working alongside the state government to protect the marine life of the Great Barrier Reef. Endangered species have been under great supervision while the team of experts are working extremely hard to address climate change.