About Regional Priorities in Queensland

Our community works as a forum to share views on regional issues and discuss the upcoming growth plans across interest groups and municipalities with the sole aim to make your region a better place to live.

Infrastructure Plans & Policies

The state government is planning to deliver high-quality infrastructure projects in different regions & cities of Queensland including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast to generate jobs opportunities and economic growth.

Regional Development Projects

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) initiated development projects in regional areas, urban areas and major suburbs including Fortitude Valley, Newstead, Kangaroo Point, Bundall, Robina etc. to create liveable and prosperous communities.

Sports & Recreation Plans

The Queensland government is constantly developing funding programs to support the sports community and industry. The aim is to provide education and training programs to build a better future for the youngsters and sports lovers.

Regional Transport Plans

The Transport and Main Roads Department are working with state and local government across Queensland to develop an array of Regional Transport Plans. These plans will improve the transport system over the next 15 years.

Health & Wellbeing Programs

New health and wellbeing programs have been launched to strengthen the community while making people aware of physical and mental diseases. The local and state government is building healthy and innovative communities even in the backward suburbs of Queensland.

Environment Development Plans

The aim is to protect our environment while balancing regional communities by achieving high-quality stated emission targets, using renewable resources and promoting sustainable land use. The state government is also protecting our biodiversity, coasts, bays and estuaries.

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Our in-house team do a thorough research and help you fetch precise information about the region’s development. If you want to know anything related to the infrastructural development strategies or residential and commercial re-development projects in Queensland, reach us without a second thought in your mind. The best part is that we organise events and seminars to create awareness across the community so that we can nurture the growth plans. To know more about us, contact us and join our community now.

Regional Growth in Queensland

The state has a strong network of regional economies and communities, offering diverse investment, employment, business and unmatched lifestyle opportunities. Let’s explore the different phases of development in your regions:

Central Queensland

Renowned for top-rated industries like mining, coal and agriculture, Central Queensland is a major economic hub across Australia. The region also offers great opportunities if you love water-based activities and cultural exploration. There is also the largest coal rail network in Australia, consisting four central coal systems.

South East Queensland

The capital city Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast are the three major pillars of South East Queensland. The state and local government have introduced some brilliant development projects including Brisbane’s Future Blueprint, Cross River Rail, largest health infrastructure precincts in Sunshine Coast, etc.

North West Regional Plan

The government is planning for a stronger, sustainable and liveable community. The North West Regional Plan provides the framework to link infrastructure and service provision to manage the future population to 2031.

Darling Downs South West

Best known for diversity in opportunity, Darling Downs South West offers some of the best infrastructure and economic development projects to the state. The local and state government is working towards resolving state interest related to the agriculture and resources sectors.

Far North Queensland

The regional plan for Far North QLD is to develop outside a major metropolitan area. The plan is to address different rural and natural resources management problems with a land use planning component.

South East Queensland

The government of Queensland is planning to manage the growing population and tackle the social, environmental and economic challenges such as housing affordability, climate change and congestion.

Major Infrastructure Projects in Queensland

There are major infrastructure development projects in the state for faster economic growth. Let’s have a glance at some of the upcoming projects in the regional cities of Queensland.

Logan Motorway Enhancement Project

Logan Enhancement Project worth of $512 million is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Queensland which includes the parts of Logan Gateway Extension motorways. The main purpose is to improve the congestion hotspots and construct new south facing ramps, located at Compton Road. The project will enhance the economic growth of the Logan region and also increase the business opportunities in Brisbane’s west and north. It will deliver an efficient and safe network by reducing traffic congestion and also improve the connectivity with other major cities and suburbs.

Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project

Sunshine Coast is a vibrant city which boasts high-end residential and commercial developments, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, well-connected roads, bridges and railway system. The city’s hottest buzz is the Airport Expansion Project. The new runway will cater for aircraft including Boeing 787 and Airbus A330. The existing terminal will be stretched to accommodate higher passenger values. This project aims to meet the highest standard of aviation needs without any exemptions.

Bruce Highway: Pine River to Caloundra

The Pine River to Caloundra project is building on the commitment of existing Australian government which is planning to upgrade the highway between Bribie Island Road to Steve Irwin Way. The government is spending a total of $120 million to improve access points to facilitate entry and exit points on Dohles Rocks Road at Murrumba Downs. With the completion of this project, you will witness the improvement in road standard and reduction in the congestion travel times. The government is planning to upgrade the highway in six different lanes in the next few years.

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Queensland: An Art & Cultural Hub

From sculptural to theatrical, fashion to art scenes, the entire Queensland celebrates all forms of art and cultural events.

Brisbane’s Art & Culture Scene

The Brisbane art scene is best known for its vibrant and diverse creative energy. The capital city of Queensland hosts numerous galleries, public art installations, cultural events, indigenous art and culture exhibitions, etc. It embraces a wide range of artistic styles, from contemporary and traditional art to innovative street art. This cultural hub simply reflects its dynamic and progressive cultural identity.

Brisbane’s Spring Soiree Festival

The "Brisbane Spring Soiree" is an annual celebration that gives a perfect amalgamation of vibrant artistic expressions with live music, embodying the essence of the city's creative spirit. This event brings together local artists, singers, musicians, and cultural enthusiasts in a dynamic showcase of talent and culture, enriching the Brisbane art scene and fostering community connections. Attend this event if you love music!

Groundwater Country Music Festival

The Groundwater Country Music Festival in Broadbeach,Brisbane is a sensational showcase of country music's best and brightest. It's a toe-tapping, heartwarming extravaganza, with a lineup that includes leading artists, from rising stars to renowned legends. The lively atmosphere of this festival is infectious, and you can also celebrate the genre's rich heritage, and create cherished memories with your loved ones.

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